I UK [bed] / US noun
Word forms "bed":
singular bed plural beds
a) [countable/uncountable] a piece of furniture that you sleep on, consisting of a soft comfortable part called a mattress and a base
double/single bed:

The room had two single beds in it.

out of/in bed:

It's midnight – why aren't you in bed?

get out of bed (= get up):

I never get out of bed before 10 am.

go to bed:

I'll get home at 11 pm and go straight to bed.

put someone to bed:

Sam was upstairs putting the children to bed.

make the/my/your etc bed (= tidy its covers after you have slept in it):

Why can't you kids make your own beds?

b) anything that is used by a person or animal for sleeping on

The dog's bed is in the kitchen.

He made himself a bed of straw.

a) [countable, usually singular] the ground at the bottom of a sea or river

a dried-up river bed

fish that live close to the sea bed

b) [countable] an area in a river, lake, or ocean where there are a lot of plants or animals of a particular kind

reed beds

oyster beds

3) [countable] an area of ground that has been dug for growing plants and flowers

a circular bed in the middle of the lawn

4) [singular] a layer of food on which you put other food
bed of:

prawns served on a bed of lettuce

5) [countable] a layer of rock that is inside a larger area of rock

good/bad in bedinformal good/bad as a sexual partner

someone has made their bed, and they must lie/sleep in it — used for saying someone must accept an unpleasant situation they are in because they caused it

jump/get into bed with someoneinformal to have sex with someone you have just met; to start a close business relationship with someone

something/life is not a bed of roses[usually in negatives] used for saying that something is not always good or easy

The life of a debt collector is no bed of roses.

II UK [bed] / US verb [transitive]
Word forms "bed":
present tense I/you/we/they bed he/she/it beds present participle bedding past tense bedded past participle bedded
1) to put something firmly into a base or into the ground
2) literary to have sex with someone
Phrasal verbs:

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